Fish type soy sauce containers

Little is known about Japanese artist trio three. The young, anonymous artist collective utilizes toys and other childhood ephemera to create provocative installations and sculptures. Action figures and rubber figurines are melted into fleshy masses. The artists create complex, geometric forms out of the liquified toys, forming them into patters that alternate distinguishable characters’ faces and anonymous, tan blobs where limbs and bodies used to be. Micro elements accumulate into overwhelming conglomerations that challenge the viewer’s eye to distinguish their many details.

Tokyo Void
Fish type soy sauce containers filled with water and ink

17898_821213694582522_2064233625513572613_n 1513669_821213654582526_9013229759728376452_n 10273608_821213637915861_1320212600092368227_n 11082616_821213681249190_3376549571945980634_n 11083594_821213664582525_8461401277865659639_n


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