Au principe, toujours, l’Un se garde de l’autre et se fait violence

“As soon as there is the One [de l’Un : “Oneness”], there is murder, wounding, traumatism. L’Un se garde de l’autre. The One guards against/keeps some of the other. It protects itself  from the other, but, in the movement of this jealous violence,it comprises in itself, thus guarding it, the self-otherness or self-difference (the difference from within oneself [the difference from oneself]) which makes it One. The “One differing, deferring from itself.” The One as the Other. At once, at the same time, but in a same time which is out of joint, the One forgets to remember itself to itself, it keeps and erases the archive of this injustice that it is. Of this violence that it does. L’Un se fait violence. The One makes itself violence. It violates [itself] and does violence to itself but it also institutes itself as  violence. L’Un se garde de l’autre pour se faire violence (because it makes itself violence and so as to make itself violence).”
Derrida, Archive fever, in Diacritics, Vol. 25, No. 2 (Summer,1995), translated by Eric Prenowitz, 51. Translation modified.Aline Eras (Dutch) - Melancholy 3, Edition 3, 2012     Line Etching, Drypoint, Pencil on Paper

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