When leaving, you need to say goodbye

Some weeks ago I had to say goodbye to my working with Barnas Fredsverden. It was a difficult decision for me but it had to be taken. Some very touching messages came to make me feel that all was really worth!

Willy Verginer (Italy b. 1957) [Sculptor] "Give Me Back the Green,"

Thank you for updating your contact information – and congratulation with the new job!!! I wish you luck in your new position. I know the ones who hired you are really lucky to have got you on the team! Until our roads cross again – all the best! Warm regards


Good luck Dear Patricia and thank you so much for the wonderful cooperation with you ! Klem 


Congratulation with new job position and new tasks at the theatre academy! I am sorry for Barnas Fredsverden. You have done great work to empower the youth, so hopefully they manage :) let´s make our roads cross again! Have a nice weekend!


Gratulerer med ny jobb, det høres spennende ut. Det er høyst forståelig valg. Det er bare å beklage at ikke BFV kan tilby en 80% stilling. Tusen takk for alt du har gjort for BFV. Alt du har bygd opp, nettverk, prosjekter og ideer. Du har en enorm utholdenhet, entusiasme og engasjement i det du jobber med. Akademiet for scenekunst gjør et klokt valg i ansette deg. Rundt alt det praktiske som trengs å gjøre, må du fortelle meg hva jeg kan og skal gjøre.


Det var leit å høre samtidig som veldig gode nyheter om ny stilling. Det var synd at ditt genuine arbeid i BFV ikke gav deg muligheter videre, men jeg er sikker på at du har med deg en veldig stor kunnskap bagasje fra de erfaringene derfra og kan bruke dette til nytt og spennende arbeid. Håper BVF vil fortsette videre!


Congratulations with your new position. I am very glad that you have succeeded in finding a paid job that you like. Not many people can say the same. I am sure Høgskolen will be happy that they engaged you, and I hope they will be able to offer what you are seeking. As I have told you a million times, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and have been impressed by your achievements and relentless energy even after the initial idea of 4000 square meter didn’t materialise. It will not be possible for anyone to take your place, but we can hope that Alma and Håkon will find their own way to some of the same ends that you worked for with BFV.  I am currently working with the reform of the educational sector in the Armed Forces and though I like it, the months we spent together making a dream almost come true, will remain a memory I shall always cherish.  All the best to you and your family, and I hope to meet you again some time.


Hi Patricia, Thank you so much for your update. I know how much you have put of yourself into Barnas Fredsverden and you did such an amazing job. I am thrilled that I was able to “pop in” last year. And, maybe it was time for them to take the ball and run with it also. You planted many wonderful magic seeds there. But change is always good and I know how much you love theatre. I know you will create magic there also. Please keep me updated on that. So glad to know you. Take care and stay in touch. Much love,


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