motherhood offers an attitude to living

Motherhood offers an attitude to living, as a political force and as an extended loving care for mankind. Motherhood is a meeting place where the rational collides with the irrational. A meeting place with ourselves which expands to an unnamed space and offers a voice to transcendants. Motherhood is where I meet what I dont want to meet and where I neither want to see nor hear. I meet what is beautiful, ugly, disgusting, provoking or simply enjoyable – and I should take pleasure in it. The world and the life we live add up to an existence full of contradictions. Cultures understandable and incomprehensible to us collide over space and attention. motherhood sharpens our senses. All these sensory impressions take form as thoughts or actions. All these moments take me through days of dejection, doubt, happiness and razor-sharp challenges. Through the forest, the city, the village, the office in town, my house, through meetings with artists, academics, people, researchers, other mothers or maybe with a moose.

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