fatherhood (as well.)

When I had my children, always by surprise, never by a deep-rooted decision, I found myself taken away from emotional mediums, feeling no paternal love at all.  Then I said to myself: if I am not a real father emotionally speaking, then my intellect could show me the way. So I started to imitate paternal love! At every moment, when I had to do something for my children I would say to myself: What would a good father do in this case? And just like that, from imitation to imitation my heart started to open and I learned that wonderful thing called paternal love…

I always encouraged them to be themselves and not a reproduction of me. Very attentively I watched  for their values and I developed them. I didn’t care about the goals that schools had for them. If they were good at drawing and mediocre at math I would get them private tutors for drawing. If they wanted to travel I would always manage to get where ever they wanted to go. If they wanted to study guitar, I would buy the best-quality guitar. I never  worried them with talks about economical difficulties or hardships. Many times when playing with them I would  let them win. When they reached puberty I gave 100 condoms to each one of them. I didn’t separate my job from their lives, I would take them to film shootings, plays, conferences, tarot card readings… I never criticized their girlfriends, and I never made a fuss when they committed any misdeed: I always looked for a solution that wouldn’t be a dictatorial imposition. In the end, I did what I could for them to be themselves and not what others tried to oblige them to be. I grew old watching them with total emotional and creative happiness.

Alejandro Jodorowsky



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