how to be a mother when you are on stage

The question has always interested me. Whether you are actually on stage (a real one) or not. What is your priority? Is it possible to separate your work/passion and your child/passion. The case came again on my face the other day, when I got a mail from an artist who will be invited in the festival I am organising in September, stating that she will come with her baby and that she wont have anyone to help her when she will be on stage. And the first thing people around me have said. what can we do? it is up to her to find someone. And me to answer to her, we cant do anything, it is up to you to find someone. bullshit. I am working and researching on mothers, and the first concrete moment I have to face that kind of challenge, in real life, I become like all the others, I dont question myself, I dont question the institution, I dont question the whole concept of what I stand for. Of course, it is complicated. Of course, it is a lot of responsibility to promise someone to take care of her baby, but isnt that something that is the least we can offer? as human beings? as mothers?

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