The truth is people will try to knock you down. Whether you want it, expect it, like it or not. Good friends- good people – not to talk about your family. Everyone. Anyone. The truth is people forget and if you need help one day, one moment, they will not understand, they will not see, they will not help you.

You are always good. Always up. Always smiling. At least, you think you are.

How do you really see yourself?

I have read somewhere that if you love yourself, if you have a good image of yourself, people will follow and smile. And even love you.

Am I aloud to have ups and downs? When you are down is there anyone who can be by your side? Hold your hand and say everything is going to be fine. What do you need? Can I help?


When you cant smile, who is going to be there for you?

Life is what you make it of course.

Continue your path and you will discover …why….


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