Violence breeds violence

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 7.44.23 PMBy design, we are created with the desire to be loved. We are born with eyes that seek a place of belonging and a place of joy. Our desire as children is happiness, and happiness alone. As we grow, we are shaped and molded by not only our experiences, but also our environment. We are souls with individual journeys that are tied to others by our acts, our wishes and the manifestations of our dreams.

Both violence and hatred are not an innate trait within us. These are learned conditions. The only hope to break the cycle of violence that we see in the world is to stop the breeding and education of such qualities. We see France mourning now as we are about to leave to Nice and they inform us that the Nice Jazz Festival has been cancelled due to safety concerns. Understandably, no concerts will be held for this year, not only due to the sadness and mourning of the people, more moreover the FEAR that this gathering would be susceptible to similar repeated events of violence.

When are we allowed to be unafraid when the current state of affairs presents only the possibility of more violence ? My heart and my tears go out to those who are mourning and those who have been killed so recklessly there in France. My heart also goes out to those who have been taught that violence and hatred are righteous because they’ll never know how contagious their feelings are. They’ll never know that joy and happiness was the root of their existence. They’ll never feel that they have the right to celebrate their existence without causing harm to others.

We live in a time when technology has made us so connected that we can feel what happens across the planet. We are more aware than ever before of the human condition and the vast amount of suffering in the world. Our goal should not be to create more suffering. Our goal should be to identify the places and the people who are suffering the most, and come together as a unit to resolve this global pain.

Artists, musicians, poets, we talk about what we feel, what we see, what we wish to change….. But nothing is as effective as a human act of kindness to halt cruelty in its incubation before it has even began to develop in the mind of a young man or woman. We must not continue to breed violence in one another if we seek to live in harmony regardless of race, religion, sex, personal beliefs, and cultural backgrounds.

This is a moment when the world is in need of human compassion toward one another. Violence will only breed more violence just as love will only breed more love.

We need peace.


Text by Melody Gardot (on facebook)

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