You can´t take that away from me.

It isn’t easy to remain positive when negativity surrounds you, but today I had a little experience that I would like to share here.

I am organising a festival in some weeks and of course it is challenging. I have been working on this event for months now, and I am quite alone in my tasks at least until now. As we are approaching the dates, there are a few members of staff that need to be involved. Technicians. Producers. Assistants. And though I have full control of my attitude and my work, it can happen that when people question my capacity, it immediately makes me doubt and suddenly, they get IN. In my bones, in my flesh, in my system. It shakes me and they get it all. And it feels like an entire body of water the size of the Pacific Ocean that sinks into my ship! But today, this did not happen. I did not think negative, I observed the movement, the attitude, the faces, some people just being there without very much involvement…

But I was not touched. They do what they want. They say what they want. All the negativity in the world can’t bring you down unless you allow it to get inside your head. And I was not there.

It seems that I am doing better and better with this. I do allow people to say what they have to say, and to question and to put all their disturbance they want, but it does not go in (hopefully / for the moment). I am really able to discern the positive points and even in negative situations I can really detach myself. Not defend myself cause this I am not good at, but let go and not be touched that makes room for a positive day.

By becoming self-aware, by tapping into my compassion, and also by protecting my positive space, I think i have achieved quite a lot. At least, I am in such a path and the road is long ….

What we do a lot at home – inspired by one of the techniques called “Mental Hygiene” (from Barnas Platform) – is that we ask everyone at dinner : what was the best with your day today. And it helps quite a lot. It give a super impulse for thoughts and focus on the joyful.

So no I will not go that path. You may say what you want. I know how much work I have provided. And that noone can take it away from me.


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