Plan your life/Plan your death

When someone is 80 years old, everyone would assume they are at the end of their life. Everyone would assume that they would not have dreams or plans for the future. But today, when talking to my father – who in January became 80 years old – I realised this is not always the case. At least with Alexandre Canellis it is not true. He obviously has plans. I did not expect it but next year in June 2017, he is going to move again. This time, back from Greece (where he moved 10-12 years ago), he is planning to go back to France. Not in Paris. He checked it out and wants to move to La Rochelle. Amazing? He does not know anyone there. He does not want to go to any residency for old people. He likes to be alone. He is the “bear” of the family!

I was amazed to hear again his plans about how/where he wants to be buried. Every year or so, I am sent a little note describing very precise procedures and wishes for burial. Some years ago he wanted to be cremated. Since this is not allowed in Greece, he went to some burial office and made some formal agreements. Like in a movie: we would (one of his daughters) drive with his coffin in Bulgaria where the cremation would be done and then we would come back with the ashes!!! He even tried to pay everything in advance, but the guys did not accept that (fortunately). Now the plan has changed. He is going back to France. So he will take care of the family “space” his parents has bought (the concession for 100 years) in the Père-Lachaise Cemetery (next to Jim Morrison and other very famous people!). He says it was bought in 1947 so we have it until 2047. He even asked me if I would be interested. He asked me if I had the intention to stay in Norway for ever. Did he not understand I created my family here? I did not really respond. I did not really understand to be honest.

He is something….


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