Time dilation due to (not so relative) velocity

Why is that seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years have accelerated so dramatically? 10 or 20 years ago, it felt everything was long, lasting, sometimes even boring….I feel there was time for things, in fact, if I wanted I had time for everything. Now, I (and everyone around me) finds it hard to have any time for any thing.

Now the days are too short; 24 hours feel like 12. The week just rushes past me – and each Friday, when we usually have a family evening when I am baking pizza and we watch some nice programme on TV with Alfie, it feels as if the week have just started. I have been talking to her exactly about this cause in my mind, I thought it was just an illusion, that time is the same but as a consequence of me ageing and becoming older, I have this weird feeling. No, She says the same. Time goes so fast. She would love to have more time in the morning before school, more time in the evening after school, more time to play with friends who come and are here for 5 or 5 hours and then it is not enough anyhow….more time to prepare Christmas, or more time for any holidays!

Incredible. So, time was much slower before. How come?

I have memories of long, long days and of even longer weeks that felt as if they would never end. And I was bored. I could spend hours long on the balcony thinking, dreaming…I remember those moments so well.

But now? With our way of life, with information, with communication, with connection – cyber connections and other – and social media makes life rush past us. I am wondering if this has a scientific explanation? Can this be understood and proven in some concrete/mathematical way? As I am trying to understand and to research and found this article on wikipedia about “time dilation due to relative velocity”. Beautifully poetic isn´t it? I love the way the formula for determining time dilation in special relativity looks like – though of course, like you- I dont understand any of it:

\Delta t'=\gamma \,\Delta t={\frac {\Delta t}{\sqrt {1-{\frac {v^{2}}{c^{2}}}}}}\,

where Δt is the time interval between two co-local events (i.e. happening at the same place) for an observer in some inertial frame (e.g. ticks on his clock), known as the proper time, Δt′ is the time interval between those same events, as measured by another observer, inertially moving with velocity v with respect to the former observer, v is the relative velocity between the observer and the moving clock, c is the speed of light.

Of course this has little to do with our feeling of intensity and fast forward movement of our lives. But I thought it would be fun to discover some kind of a proof, even crazy, even romantic. Also because, I recently became 50 years old and I feel like 40! And my friends who are 40 feel like 30! This could also another proof isn´t it?

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