Våler collage


With this photo collage of different photos of the lake next to our house (Vansjø), I won a small local photo competition in the little village of Våler in Østfold where I live. This photo has been published on my instagram account which is the only social media (beyond the blog I use now) and so, I happily update with one or two and sometimes more photos of my day, “making memories” as I write there in my presentation. So  one day, the communal services picked it up and reposted it on their instagram account. Now they have contacted me again and they want to publish it on their brand new website as well. I realise by sending it to them that it is perfectly imperfect (with shadows that have been worked on a very small scale on my phone that appear here on a white sky like ghost of something that does not exist…) but anyhow, it has its charm ….and now it is going to be famous all over Østfold!! or at least locally :)

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