Wounds as initiation

We have all been wounded and the path of seeing our wounds as initiation is one that is so important. It is not an easy path. It is a long one. Its often filled with desperation. Why me? Why does it still hurt? Why can’t it pass? But the path once you start to walk it, I can assure you, is fueled with mercy, magic, grace, openings, growth, grounding, so much sense and so much beauty.

It is a warrior’s path of courage and kindness (specially towards ourselves). It asks many times that we go against the grain of a world that in so many ways has lost touch with the sacred. On that road, we often need to (re)connect with the sense of sacredness, of something bigger than us, with a sense of surrender and devotion but also with the power that we are gaining through the initiatory path…All that that we have forgotten. All that that used to be us. Long before we even got our wounds.

To heed this call, it is essential that we honor our unique sensitivities and eccentricities and open to the possibility that even our deepest wounding may be filled with guidance, medicine, and meaning.

Will you walk the path?

The other day somewhere in Moss Norway

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