this is me

I am French, my parents are Greeks, I have spent most of my adult life in Brussels and now I live in the northern hemisphere in a country named Norway. 

That says a little about the space I was the space I am. The geography of my human wanderings….

In 2006, love came into my life. His name is Baard. And in 2008, a little girl came into our lives. And everything changed! Those 2 encounters say so much more about who I am. As a mother. As a woman. As a daughter. As a human.

A mother who fights every day with the very concept of it, cause I am not sure if I am doing a good job with that.

A daughter who is trying to soften things up and understand. 

A woman who would like to fight so much more but who is in many ways, tries to speak up and do the right things.

And slowly by slowly as I am getting older, my views on many things have changed. Becoming a mother made me another person, becoming older made me another person, meeting Transgenerational Therapy studies and psychoanalysis made me another person, becoming an artist ….

Here is my diary. A work in progress. A lot of discoveries I like to share. Copying from interesting peers, sharing their knowledge. And also writing about the little things. And the journey. 

A drop in the ocean. Like we are.