(my own small research project)

The work I envision will research the notions of human loneliness mixing personal history and memory by juxtaposing private and found/donated photographs. By sowing them together whether this is meant physically – with threads and needles – or more symbolically by making them come together into a new narrative, I will seek to exert the family´s embodied complexity and the roles of the mothers in them.

Motherhood will be researched and will be characterised by a sense of melancholy, often referring to childhood memories, stories about loss and absence. My work will focus on (re)writing stories of motherhood with the starting point of my own family as an example of the many stories of immigration and wandering through geography, stories of orphanage and miscarriage, stories of abandoned children and confused mothers, all put together into a new format, a new story, a new vision.

I will try to work on different times in history – the historical and social perspective will be an important point for my process. It feels appropriate for me to work with a collection of materials; photographs, documents, papers, small (useless, disposable yet cherished) objects, mini-portraits linking the strange with the beautiful, the sublime with the garbage together, showing the disembodied fractures, pieces and stories and glueing them back into a more symbolic interpretation and image of life.

After living in Brussels, Paris and Athens, life (and love) brings Patricia in the north hemisphere of the planet earth, in Norway.

Her family story is a long collage or collection of legends and mysterious stories. First the legends and stories about Immigration. Why where her family in Turkey at the end of the 19th century? Why did they leave Turkey? Was it because of the Great Fire of Smyrna called also the Big Catastrophe? Why did they stop in France and did not embark to the US like all the others? Lack of money?  How did my grand father and grand mother meet?

The collective traumas, the family stories, the joy, the pain, the weddings and separation, the life of people is what makes us, and what makes me the mother of Alfie, soon 8 years old.

My family is a vast project of research.

This artistic research project entitled MOTHERS is only the beginning.

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